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The 4 Step Guide for On-Point Webinar Targeting

Ever since the lockdown started, people have been high on webinars! Whether it is digital marketing, content creation, virtual training, or anything else that would even a little bit of value- if the topic existed, there would have been a webinar on it.

For that matter, a lot of webinars focussed on lead generation as well. Surprisingly though, this part has always been tough. First, the audience isn’t really ready to pay without interacting so you either have a dedicated resource who would call or you go for a free webinar and do the sale yourself.

If that barrier is passed then not everyone turns up to the webinar. The turning up ratio is as low as 20% sometimes. Finally, you are not hosting the webinar just for the sake of it. You want to derive some sales out of it at the end of the day. So, when it eventually comes to that, of those 20% that turned up, the ratio remains hardly 2%- a percentage which may not necessarily break even.

To ensure that it all goes smoothly, there are two ways to address the problem

  1. How to target the audience correctly

  2. How to engage the audience enough so that they see the value of what is to come next

Tips on Targeting the right audience

The success of the webinar depends mostly on the audience attending the webinar- you can say that targeting and reaching out to the right audience is work, at least 50% done. It is essential that the webinar should be well planned and designed. The content should be impressive and eye-catchy.

But what will this scheduled webinar do if you don’t have enough audience to attend the webinar? Therefore, the success of your webinar will depend on the size of your audience too. Let’s discuss some of the ways to improve your audience for the webinar.

  1. Understanding your audience- the first and foremost thing is to understand the requirements of your audience so that the webinar can be conducted as per their interest. You need to know what will interest and attract them. Accordingly, you can plan the topic for them and include such information that they find interesting and helpful. Now, the next question arises as to how to know your audience? These tips will help you in understanding your target audience better-

  2. The age group to which the audience belongs.

  3. Their sex- male or female

  4. What are they looking for and addressing their concerns?

  5. Why do they want to attend the webinar?

  6. What is the financial status of the maximum audience?

  7. What is likely to interest with- saving money, being more productive or any other such concerns.

All such questions will help in understanding the audience, and the webinar topic can be moulded accordingly. This will help you grab more attendees for your webinar.

2. Promoting the webinar- now when you know your target audience, you can take the next step and concentrate o