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Become a Business Coach

With so much uncertainty, would you like a Second Income?

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Meta Certified Business Coach
Business Coaches - in the Boardroom

Party Over? Many professionals with 10+ work experience are getting surprised by the 'pink slips' that are being handed out in many companies. The numbers have crossed millions. Even as you read this, lists are being drawn up for firing. Blame automation, lack of market-valued skills, economy. The cause doesn't matter. What matters is taking action to start a second income while you are working. 


Should you start a business? After years of being in the comfort zone, the terror of not having a steady income can be very challenging! 
We strongly recommend that you NOT start a business as the risks are high and experience shows that 8 out of 10 business fails in the first 2 years. 

What should you do? Use the domain skills you have and add valuable consulting and coaching skills to it. Did you know that there are hundreds of small and medium-sized companies that are struggling? By becoming a Meta Certified business coach, you get the skills and professional network to help companies grow. You get to impact the lives of many people and make a difference. And yes, it pays well too!

What happens after the certification?  You have two pathways. If you have good connections, start on your own. It takes about 60 days to get your first client.

Alternately, you can You can earn Rs.1 lakh a month

Level 1: Intro to Business Coaching - 4 weeks - FREE

Level 2: Details of Business Coaching - 12 weeks - Paid

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Who Qualifies? 

We do have some stringent (but reasonable) criteria to accept you:

1. You need 10+ years of work experience

2. You should be 'Other Oriented' and desire the best for your clients

3. You are the person people talk to when they need help

4. Facilitation skills are helpful

5. You have had client-facing experience

6. You have a strong LinkedIn profile 

7. You have a network of business friends & associates who trust you






Don't Wait. Take Action. 
If you have already responded to an ad, we'll get in touch with you. If not, go to the Application Form and fill it out. We will get in touch with you shortly.  

Questions? Go to the FAQ Page

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