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Why become a Meta Certified Coach?


A business Coach is a prestigious and valuable profession for someone who has work experience  at the mid and senior level. Hence this Certification is NOT for everyone.

The benefits of becoming a coach are both personal and professional. Most people who become coaches are pleasantly surprised by the value it gives them. There are financial benefits for sure, but also life now works a lot better.

  • Build your skills in managing your own life

  • Meaningful contribution to people

  • Leverage your professional experience

  • Earn additional income

Whatever your reason, the core competencies and skills you acquire during your training will have a positive impact on your life and in the lives of others.

Our Coaches use their coaching skills to start their own full-time businesses, others work part-time. Some use it to enhance their results within their current profession.



What's the first step to being a Meta Certified Coach?


This is pretty straightforward. What you need to do is log in to our coach application page and enter your details.  Do it thoughtfully. Once done, we’ll take you through the next steps. Please remember that not everyone will be accepted. You have to meet the qualifications. (See Q 04) 


What does the Coach training comprise? 


This is the fun part! Your training will be done through a blended approach. This will be done through live sessions on Zoom, Webinars, short ‘nano’ courses, reading material and coaching assignments. You will be covering 12 modules over 3 months. What’s even better is that you have 1-on-1 coach calls to help you on your journey. 

You will need to complete 100 hours of supervised and non-supervised coaching to qualify.  This is important so that you have a strong skill level on coaching processes as well knowledge of tools.


What are the required qualifications of a Business Coach?


There are some innate abilities that good coaches have and those are the ones we are looking for.  First and foremost is empathy for people, listening skills, and ability to motivate and encourage people.

You should have at least 10+ years of work experience to qualify. Those with higher experience and qualifications will have the opportunity to work with senior leaders in our client organizations. 


What happens after I finish my Certification?


Once you complete your Meta Certified Coach program, you will be inducted into a team that is working with one of our clients. Meta’s core work is producing value and bottom-line results for our clients. These are both large MNCs and smaller companies who are working towards producing a result. As a coach you will be working with assigned people within organizations. 


What is the earning opportunity? 


Unlike other Coaching programs, we already have clients for whom we are doing coaching. So yes, you have a good earning opportunity! 
Here are three ways you can financially benefit:


#1 Coaching: You will be paid depending on the number of hours you coach people. Your specific rate will depend on your coaching ability, your education, and life experience. You can expect to earn back your investment in 90 days or less.

#2 Client Introductions: if you know companies that are hungry to grow, point us to them and we will work together to add value.

#3 Coach Training: if you skill and communication level is strong, you could become one of our Master trainers. This is a full-time position.


All payments will be made directly to your bank account via NEFT bank transfer. 

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