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Electronic Data Disposal Policy


Data confidentiality is an issue of legal and ethical concern. The purpose of this policy is to provide for proper cleaning or destruction of sensitive/confidential data and licensed software on all computer systems, electronic devices and electronic media being disposed, recycled or transferred either as surplus property or to another user.



Meta Results employees (e.g., regular staff as well as contract staff, ) and other covered individuals (e.g., affiliates, vendors, independent contractors, etc.) in their handling of data, information and records in electronic form during the course of conducting business (administrative, financial, teaching, research or service).



Meta Results requires that before any computer system, electronic device or electronic media is disposed, recycled or transferred either as surplus property or to another user, the system, media or device must be either:

  • properly sanitized of Meta Results or client sensitive/confidential data and software, or

  • properly destroyed.

Any official records must be appropriately retained / disposed of based on the company's records retention policy prior to erasure or destruction of the system, device or media.


Staff who violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action for misconduct and/or performance based on the administrative process appropriate to their employment.

Facilitators, staff, and participants may also be subject to the discontinuance of specified information technology services based on the policy violation.


Administrative Manager

222, 3rd Cross, 4th Main, Koramangala 1st Block, Bangalore 560034


These definitions apply to these terms as they are used in this document.

Sanitization (of computer hard drives)Removing data on a system through one or more various methods that may include overwriting or erasing data. 


Secure data disposal, electronic shredding, erasing media, data removal, discarding computers, data wipe, media sanitization

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